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The Bridgewater Area Dart League (BADL) is a league started for those teams located in the Bridgewater MA area.

We play in private clubs within a 4 mile radius of Bridgewater Center.

Everything up to date Friday 4/11

HIGH ON FOR THE SEASON - Jay Silvia - 160

HIGH OUT FOR THE SEASON - Shawn Smith - 152

I am having some trouble reading some of the info on high on's and such please write clearly, Mike

To play in the playoffs all players are required to play 16 games.

For the updated list of top shooters and other league related information select the League News option from the selection menu.

Just a reminder to all team captains...
For each game and player, please write the complete first and last name on all score sheets.

This is Mike Stoddard back doing the website. Any mistakes can be corrected by calling me @ 508 577 6340. Good Luck to everyone.
Tue Apr 15thTue Apr 15thTue Apr 15thTue Apr 15thTue Apr 15th
The Better Half @ 
Raging Bulls (Citizens Club)
Ferbies Knuckleheads @ 
49ers  (Forty Niners Club)
C.C. Bulls @ 
2 Double 2 (Lincoln Club)
Shot On @ 
The PC 7 (Polish Club)
Stiners @ 
Death Row (Samoset Rod & Gun Club)
Tue Apr 15th
TLC @ 
Off Constantly (Veterans Club)
Tue Apr 8thTue Apr 8thTue Apr 8thTue Apr 8thTue Apr 8th
Off Constantly 4 
C.C. Bulls (Citizens Club) 7
Raging Bulls 5 
Stiners (Forty Niners Club) 6
The PC 7 5 
TLC (Lincoln Club) 6
Death Row 7 
Ferbies Knuckleheads (Polish Club) 4
2 Double 2 4 
The Better Half (Samoset Rod & Gun Club) 7
Tue Apr 8th
49ers  0 
Shot On (Veterans Club) 11